Amongst The Sierra

wakebabes alliance cover

We made the cover of Alliance Wake!! Pick up the Aug/Sept issue of Alliance Wake and read all about our wakebabes adventure into the Eastern Sierra on the infamous shark boat!

“As prime spring skiing season was coming to an end in the Eastern Sierra, we were headed into the mountains with ulterior motives. We were in search of high alpine lakes, crystal clear water, rugged mountain landscapes and adventure…”


Zuzana Winter at CWC

Watch Zuzana Vrablova’s latest edit from her recent trip to the Philippines, progression session at CWC! Check out more photos and the full story from her trip on RedBull‘s website.


Wakebabes 5-Panel Hats

The Wakebabes 5-Panel hats are now available online in the Wandr Co.! The first handful are going out with ‪#‎wakebabes‬ koozies & stickers. Scoop one up & don’t leave home without it!


The Wakebabes Article

WakeMag Wakebabes Cover

Wake Mag featured a story on The Wakebabes in one of their recent issues! Read the full article here:

Women’s wakeskating pioneer Jen GilanFarr has been instrumental in progressing the sport in the US and around the world… here’s her story:

Over three years ago I got a surprise phone call from Silas Thurman, he was getting ready to launch what would quickly become the one of the most progressive contest series in wake – The Wakeskate Tour. He knew I would be showing up at every stop to compete against the guys, so he called to see if I was interested in having a women’s division and if I wanted to take the lead on making it happen. If I could get 6 girls to each stop we would have a women’s division with prize money, a first for women’s wakeskating in the states. We begged the last several years for a women’s division at the only core wakeskate event, the Toe Jam, and were left with no choice but to compete against the guys. This time we didn’t even have to beg. It was a dream come true, and it would become the catalyst that would progress women’s wakeskating for the next several years.

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Day in the Life with Zuzana

Zuzana Vrablova took a big step and moved to Orlando from Slovakia at the end of August. Zuzana and her roommate Tyler set out to create a video of her average daily activities after the big move. Looks like Zuz has been living the dream in Orlando!!


The Larsson Sisters

If you don’t know who the Larsson sisters are, it’s about time you do! Susan & Veronica live in the Philippines and have been shredding hard at CWC and Pradera Wakepark!!

Filmed by Moe Gomez, Veronica Larsson & Susan Larsson
Edited by Susan Larsson
Music by Joy Division – The Drawback


2014 MAHFIA Fall Playlist

MAHFIA has teamed up with DJ Lady Sha to bring us this 2014 Fall Playlist! This mixtape features a variety of songs and remixes, handpicked by riders to provide the perfect soundtrack to your session. From our earbuds & speakers to yours this season, we give you the 2014 MAHFIA Fall playlist: Stream & Download for free.


Meet Wandr Co. // Wakeskates for Wakebabes

Meet Wandr Co. — The first women’s specific wakeskate company, brought to you by The Wakebabes. 

Wandr Co. was created as a foundation to support the core group of girls that have been pushing women’s wakeskating for the last several years, otherwise known as The Wakebabes. Spearheaded by two of the leading ladies in the sport, Jen GilanFarr and Tynna Rosero, the goal of Wandr Co. is to encourage the progression and participation in women’s wakeskating worldwide. Wandr Co. & The Wakebabes will work together to produce girls ride days, clinics, and camps to cultivate the growing interest in wakeskating.

Starting off small and dreaming big, Wandr Co. will officially launch the online store with a limited run of boards and soft goods on the Fall Equinox – Tuesday, September 23rd. Boards will be made and sold in small batches as Wandr Co. grows with the demand. New graphics and soft goods will be launched every 6 months, celebrating the Fall and Spring Equinox.

The Wandr Co. line is kicking off with a 38.5” wood wakeskate, handcrafted in West Palm, FL. The first board in the ‘Scientific Studies’ series, the ‘Nectar’, is based on the study of exotic butterflies from all over the world.

“The purpose of the life of every butterfly is to set everything that was once known aside and embrace an entire new way of being. The butterfly guides us on a journey of freedom, freedom from the past through the ascension process of becoming our higher self.” 

—  Presley Love, Universe of Symbolism

Stay tuned for the official launch of on September 23rd!

Support women’s wakeskating and follow The Wakebabes on their adventures and their latest endeavor – Wandr Co.

Wandr Co.
Facebook / @wandrco
Instagram / @wandrco


Zuzana Skate CWC

Zuzana Vrablova went to CWC after IWWF first place in Woman wakeskate.
So good to have her around the cable, and she is a sick wake skater.
Hope to see her here again soon.
Edit: Emil Åmand SUKA Films.
Song: Laugh N´Half Pernille Rosendahl